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Traditional Dances from around the World 

 Special September Workshops




danzas del mundoTraditional Dances From around the world

By Candelaria da Floresta 
Every Wednesday of Septeber, 6pm-9pm
Cost: £20 per encounter

Traditional dances are a manifestation of the tribe’s spirit, of relationships with others and with the natural beings around. They are always changing while keeping the unique identity of the group, magically united to other societies by archetypal patterns. Intercultural dances help us to gain a more vivid perception of other worldviews, to connect and energize our body, to experience new rhythms, and to communicate with others while having a great time.
● Physical training for popular dances
● Traditional dances from South American Folklore: Tango, Chacarera & Zamba
● Afrobrazilean Dances of the Orixás
● AfroContemporary fusions
● Stretching and relax

Candelaria da Floresta
Dancer and teacher of traditional Latin American dances (National University of Arts, Argentina). Trained from very young age on different bodywork techniques and folklore dances from Argentina, Tango and African/ Afro-Brazilian dances with masters from Senegal, Brazil, Argentina and UK.  As a dancer, she has performed in shows, theatrical productions and artistic exhibitions, participating on investigation groups and street performances in the City of Buenos Aires. As a researcher, she specializes in the African roots of the classic and popular Argentinean Dances, publishing articles in Magazines and studying with professionals from different areas: ethno-musicology, social education, visual arts, films and with elders of the popular wisdom, scientific knowledge and traditional lore.
From 2009 she is studying Astrology with Miro della Bitta and Maria Poggioli, disciples of Eugenio Carutti (Casa XI) in Buenos Aires. Founding member of the Foundation of Biospheric Activities in Argentina (Cultural Management area), she coordinates the Academia Biospherica Program from 2008 in world cities and mountain communities.