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Shamanic Wisdom & Ethnobotanicals Research Workshop

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Shamanic Wisdom Seminar with Pablo Friedlander and guests Thursdays 6pm – 7 pm Ethnobotanicals Research Talks with Pablo Friedlander & Beckley Foundation´s guests Every Thursday 7pm – 8pm

with Pablo Friedlander and guests
Thursdays 6 – 8 pm.
Dates: 6, 13, 27 October.

Price: £ 25 per encounter

Seminar Modules:
● WISDOM TODAY: Back to the Sources, Up to the Spheres.
● SHAMANIC WORK: Ancestral Path of Experiential Truth.
● ECSTATIC WISDOM: Archetypal Drama of the Initiate.
● COSMOVISIONS: From the Cosmic Hologram to the Ritual Ideogram.
● BIOSPHERIC MEMORY: Original Meanings of Nature.
● THE MYSTERIES OF THE SOUL: Nexus between Humans-Nature-Divinity
● CYCLIC PURIFICATIONS: Cathartic Keys to Health.
● TEACHER PLANTS: Magic Resources.
● METAMORPHOSIS: The Transformative Power.
● SHAMANIC ART: Enchanting Creation.
● SACRED WORDS: Mythic Channels of Revelation.
● REMEMBERING ESSENCE: The ever returning Wisdom.

Ethnobotanicals Research Talks

The series of talks will be related with the ongoing Beckley Foundation Ethnobotanicals
Research Programme and its current perspectives, questions, answers and a growing network of scientific studies on key healing/teaching plants which have had continuous traditional use and been recognized as sacred and medicinal for millennia.

These scientific investigations include research into: a) the Amazonian brew made of
Banisteriopsis caapi with Psychotria viridis; b) the groundbreaking
medicinal properties of Cannabis, c) the therapeutic applications of psilocybin mushrooms; d) other ethnobotanical medicines from diverse cultures, such as the Trichocereus varieties of San Pedro cactus from the Andes and the peyote from North America.

● Ethnobotanical fieldwork
● Biochemical studies
● Determining molecular sites of action
● Neuropsychopharmacological and physiological effects
● Assessing potential therapeutic and cognitive benefits
● Qualitative data surveys
● Communication of known and unpublished results.
To register and reserve, send an email to or call to 0207 232 1100. This is part of the Academia Biospherica Program.

Pablo Friedländer
Expert on the convergence of Ancient Wisdom and New Ecological Paradigms of Science. Chairman of Treeangle Foundation and Director of the Academia Biospherica Program. Co-Director of the Beckley Foundation’s Ethnobotanicals Research Programme. Doctor en Philosophy. Master in Science by the University of Barcelona. Fellow of the Institute of Ecotechnics (UK/USA) and of the Institute of Ethnopsychology (Spain). Graduate in Classics and Humanities (Argentina-Italy). President of the Foundation of Biospheric Activities (Argentina) and Director of the Project of Ecological Restoration and Environmental Education Milking the Clouds (Argentina, Brazil and Spain). Trained in Amazonian and Andean Shamanism. Writer, Researcher, Explorer and Poet.