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Living Raw Food


Living Raw Food Workshop

With Master Chef Diego Castro
New dates on November soon!

● 1. Introduction. Nut milks, cashew cheese, sprouts, rejuvelac, chia seed pudding.
● 2. Crackers, cookies, mixed greens pesto, sundried tomatoes paste, coconut and
flaxseed oil butter, berries, bananas and cacao nibs pies.
● 3. Patties, raw burger, raw falafels, ocean croquettes, wraps, raw superfood truffles.
● 4. Kimchi, raw sushi, chocolate pie.
● 5. Detox, wheatgrass and wild grass juice, cold pressed juices, spices and superfood
combinations, tomato gazpacho, banana ice cream with toppings.
● 6. Essene pizza crust, raw pizza, raw lemon pie.
● 7. Sunflower tahini, raw mango chutney, green Thai coconut curry, coconut yogurt pie.
● 8. Guacamole, raw spaghetti with nettles pesto, turnips ravioli with truffle and
mushrooms sauce and raw tiramisu.

Diego Castro, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Life Food Chef
Expert in Raw Living Food
 with 14 years of worldwide experience as Master Chef:
Trained with Dr. David Jubb at Jubbs’ Longevitiy in New York.
Worked with Dr Gabriel Cousens at the Tree of Life (Argentina, Peru and USA), Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Christian Darling, and others.
Chef Owner of Verde LLama Restaurant (Buenos Aires) and participant on most of Food and Music Festivals of Argentina and Uruguay.
Life Food Chef in restaurants around the world: England, Europe, NYC (Pure Food and Wine, Rockin’ Raw, The Juice Press), Hawaii (Rainbow Living Cafe), Buenos Aires (Bio, Faena Hotel, and TV Program- Fox Life, etc).Experience in South America: Brazil, Uruguay, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Panamá.

Trustee of the Foundation of Biospheric Activities (Argentina) and Professor of the Academia Biospherica Program from 2008.