ecology, technology & cultures


Academia Biospherica Program

Ecological Restoration, Intercultural Studies and the Arts

Cutting-edge Workshops, Talks and Events in 3 levels:


ABprogram Vision & Mission

VERNADSKYThe Academia Biospherica (Biospherics Academy) Program offers an array of innovative and international workshops, talks, events, tutorials, volunteer work and expeditions both virtually and in real life. Our ecological, artistic and intercultural activities take place all over the world. Born as a multidisciplinary educational program from a strategic alliance between the Institute of Ecotechnics UK/US, the Fundación de Actividades Biosféricas in Argentina, the Fundaçao Matutu in Brazil and the Institute of Holistic Research of Montserrat, Catalonia (Spain), the Academia Biospherica offers innovative, multi-disciplinary training programs inspired by projects operating in different countries and the five main biomes of Earth: mountains, world oceans, forests, desert grasslands and cities. Each program transmits the practices and know-how needed to live creatively and sustainably in the corresponding biome, based on the core values of sustainable ecology, artistic and cultural diversity, restoration of endangered areas and environmental education. Learning curves are vivid and rapid by virtue of the participatory and cutting-edge nature of the projects.


A. Ecological Restoration Area: to work at the immediate service of the biosphere, retransmitting the most efficient techniques and models of action.
B.      Intercultural Studies Area: to know and integrate the various regions of the ethnosphere, focusing on the convergence between ancestral wisdom and the new paradigms of science.
C.       The Arts: to increase the creative potential of the technosphere, developing the techniques of art as well as of science and spirituality.

In view of this global and holistic outlook, it is necessary to act not only through environmental education and ecological training at all levels, but through the cultivation of a new generation of values and procedures to live in greater harmony with the actual conditions of existence at the main biomes.

esfera con flores + espacio + biosphere 2 copy


In response to this emerging need, the Foundation, together with national and international organizations of renowned experience, organizes a program of courses, workshops, training sessions, projects and events on three levels :

  1. The External Level: working in cycles since 2008 to offer educational activities and training to the general public in each of our areas according to the schedule of on-going activities at each site.
  2. The Internal Level: since 2009, this level centers on the AB teams for the intensive development of the three areas simultaneously. This involves boards of directors, program co-ordinators, the team of programmers, and visitors related to our projects.
  3. The Planetary Level in Elaboration: an initiative that seeks to interactively spread this program throughout different biomes and cultures, through the organization of training courses, projects and research in conjunction with other foundations, institutes, NGOs and enterprises willing to develop the Program of Integral Education Academia Biospherica in all the possible applications.

The Program also includes the possibility of professional advice through a planetary network of experts in biospheric activities, project management and events organization for similar purposes. It also promotes the creation of more balanced and fruitful networks of exchange, resulting in sustainable planning models while educating and training generations to develop awareness of their real resources and values.


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