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A International Alliance between: the Institute of Ecotechnics, UK/US; Fundación de Actividades Biosféricas, Argentina; Fundaçao Matutu, Brazil; and the Institute of Holistic Research, Spain.

cropped-logocircularcolor.jpgThe Biospheric Academy (Academia Biospherica) offers an array of innovative and international ecological restoration, intercultural education and artistic programs. Born as a multidisciplinary educational program from a strategic alliance between the Institute of Ecotechnics UK/US, the Fundación de Actividades Biosféricas in Argentina, the Fundaçao Matutu in Brazil, and the Institute of Holistic Research in Spain, the Academia Biospherica links with and offers seven innovative, multi-disciplinary training programs within projects operating in six different countries and the five main biomes of Earth: mountains, world oceans, forests, desert grasslands and cities. Each program retransmits the practices and know-how needed to live creatively and sustainably in the corresponding biome, based on the core values of sustainable ecology, artistic and cultural diversity, restoration of endangered areas and environmental education. Learning is vivid and rapid in virtue of the participatory and cutting-edge nature of the projects, with programmers and participants gaining real-time, hands-on experience.

The consortium of participating organizations are:

Sin título-1 copiaBiospheric Activities Foundation (Fundación de Actividades Biosféricas): 
an Argentinian non-profit organization with bases in Buenos Aires and Champaquí (Cerro Champaquí, Valle Traslasierra, Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina). The Foundation was established in 2008. For over four years at the headquarters of the Foundation in Buenos Aires, a series of Academia Biospherica educational activities has been available to the public. There has also been successful development of intensive, in-house training in our three areas: Ecological Restoration, Intercultural Studies and the Arts. At the same time, the Sierras Grandes of Córdoba the Centre of Ecological Restoration has been organizing summer workshops of environmental education and pioneering the reforestation of strategic remote areas, while developing agro-ecological models for the mountain ecosystems of this bioregion and in Buenos Aires.



Institute of Ecotechnics (UK/US) offers educational programs at demonstration projects which are consulted to by I.E., including Las Casas de la Selva (Puerto Rico), the October Gallery (London), Birdwood Downs Company (Derby, Western Australia). Synergia Ranch (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA) and the Research Vessel Heraclitus (currently in the Mediterranean). See:

matutuMatutu Foundation (Fundaçao Matutu): a Brazilian non-profit organization, established in 1995. Learning about ecology, farming, natural architecture and construction, community work and planning, managing of natural reserves, training in forest fire management and control, ecology of the Mata Atlantica forest region of Brazil, training as a high mountain guide, psychological and spiritual exercises based on local traditional cultures, and long-distance horse trek expeditions. See &

Institute of Holistic Research of Montserrat (IREHOM): a Catalan non-profit organization with bases in Casasaies Farm, Castellgali (Barcelona) and the Montserrat mountain, Catalunya, Spain. The Institute was established in 2010. The aims of the association: to learn about, research into and experiment with the connection between humans and the environment in order to reach practical conclusions which might help to spread and promote other ways of doing things – other values and forms that might approach us to a mindful, healthy and sustainable life. This works from a holistic and integrating view, taking into account every single factor that influences life’s path: education, health, nature and environment balance, spirituality and creativity. The institute also aims to develop group work techniques, to create a network with other projects with the same aims and offer places where to discuss about interdisciplinary dialogs and to be able to research and experience, to share and spread our path and knowledge to the society. See

For more general information, see: