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What`s on: 24th – 30th October, 2016

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The Harpy Project
ecology, technology & cultures

OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: 24th- 30th October


Visionary Art Exhibition by Emma Watkinson


Thursday 27th October from 7:00 to 11:00pm

All aboard the Harpy houseboat on the River Thames for a night of Music, Art & story telling…..all within sight of Tower bridge !

Solo retrospective exhibit of Emma Watkinson’s beautiful Visionary oil paintings & Lightboxes.
Emma & Fiachna O’Brien will lead us on a storytelling journey, bringing alive the mythology of her paintings. From the banks of the River Ganga, to the banks of the river Nile. From the Kings of Ancient Egypt to their origins in the stars. Embark upon the heros journey, travel through the sacred geometry of the elements , meet the archetypes of the Tarot in the quest for the Grail.

Emma´s work is inspired by esoteric study, travel and cultural explorations into Kabbalah, Tarot, Buddhism, Yoga, & Druidry. She has exhibited & toured internationally for the past 9 years, spending some time in apprenticeship with Ernst Fuchs founder of Fantastic Realism in Many of Emmas paintings are inspired by delving deep within Shamanic journeys & spiritual work.

World renowned Bansuri player ( Low pitched Indian clasical flute) and sacred sound artist Jason Kalidas brings a sound bath in Indian Raagas and analog electronica soundscapes to the event. Indian Raagas originate in an ancient system of sacred music, Raagas are improvised musical entities each with a specific emotional frequency and narrative . Jason Kalidas has trained in Indian classical music in the sacred city of Varanasi since 1996. 

Giclee Prints of all Art is available, & some originals. A gallery % of proceeds of Art sales go towards the Treeangle Foundation ; Ecological restoration project in Argentina.

FREE ENTRY – from 7:00 to 11:00pm

Pablo Friedlander – History and nature of Shamanic Visionary Art
Jason Kalidas Classical Indian bansuri flute concert
Emma Watkinson & Fiachna O ‘Brien’s storytelling journey of the paintings

Relax…ambient Dj


Halloween Conscious Harpy Party and concert


Greetings, friends! 

Halloween is the night where spirits leave their intangible rounds and come to walk the Earth among mortals, and here at the Harpy Houseboat we invite them by transforming the space into a real house of spirits. So get your costumes ready, we’re incarnating the spirits of the forest, the ocean, the moon, the stars; all spirits are welcome to share a magical night on Saturday 29th of October, 7.30 pm.

During the night we’ll have:

  • Emma Watkinson’s Visionary Art Exhibition
  • Indian classical concert on Bansuri and Tabla With London’s top Indian classical musicians Jason Kalidas and Sirishkumar Manji 
  • DJ set with:

-John Beech 

  • Exotic food and drinks buffet

A donation of £10 will be required at the entrance, or you can get your ticket online for only £8. Both tickets include a cacao elixir drink.

All profit will be donated for the charitable purpose of the Treeangle Foundation.

Please note: this is a private party and only invited guests will be admitted at the entrance. If you bring a friend please let us know so we can put them on the entry list. Many thanks. 

RSVP by 28th October

Pema 07533406162


The Harpy, Mill Street, London, SE1 2BB

More info on Jason:

Indian classical concert on Bansuri and Tabla .
With London’s top Indian classical musicians Jason Kalidas and Sirishkumar Manji 
Jason and Sirish are renowned for their virtuosity and unique chemistry together. This highly dynamic concert explorers  depths of Indian Raagas and rhythm.  A performance ranging from deep introspection to exhilarating percussive explorations. 
Bansuri player Jason’s site :
About the performers ;unnamed
Jason Kalidas is a  virtuosic performer of Bansuri (Iindian classical flute ).
He has studied Indian classical music in Varanasi,  India on Tabla and Bansuri since 1996  with illustrious gurus: Ashok kumar Metha. Pandit Ishwal lal Mishra and Manoj Kumar. Jason is a maverick artist working in many genres including electronica, dance music and world fusion as well as Indian classical.
Sirishkumar Manji is an Indian classical tabla maestro, who was introduced to the tabla at the age of seven by his late father and teacher Pandit Bhagwanji Manji who in turn learnt from the great singer Pandit Omkarnath Thakur. Sirishkumar has been performing ever since, working with a range of musical talents and performers, combining Indian classical flavours with modern, classical and world music traditions.

Floating Persian Feast unnamed-2

Friday 4th November from 7:30 to 10:00pm

Enjoy the finest Persian cuisine prepared by Bita Fallah. Few spaces available.

more info and bookings:


Ecological Restoration Workshopseeds

Monday 31st October from 6:00 – 8:00pm
Milking the Clouds Project and Treeangle Foundation’s aim. With Pablo Friedlander (info: watch video)
Presentations and conversations on cutting-edge projects restoring ecosystems in ecological/intercultural frontiers.


Space Rental & Synergetic Residence


The Harpy is a delightful venue – a waterhouse that was originally Her Majesty´s Customs & Excise pontoon; it has been floating on the river Thames since 1904-
Is available for

Dinner club – Book launch – Corporate events – Private meetings –  Creative teams – Co-working space –  Workshops – Short stays – etc.

For more information please email us:


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Ab Program Manager, dancer, astróloga, researcher.

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