ecology, technology & cultures

What`s on: 1st – 15th October

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The Harpy Project
ecology, technology & cultures
1st- 15th October


ASTROLOGY:Thought too bold, Dream too wild.

2015-04-12-02-59-59Connect with your creativity and explore the links between Astrology and the ways in which we express, act, think, feel and – most importantly – the ways we search, get inspired and expand our understanding of life.
Join Artist and Astrologer Madeleine Botet de Lacaze every Wednesday, starting on the 5th of October from 7-9pm. Full program of classes coming soon.

All welcome!
For more information:

Ecological Restoration Workshop

Every Monday of October, from 6pm to 8pm
Cost: donations for the Treeangle Foundation
Book it now 

3rd Oct: The Commonland Project: 4 returns, 3 zones, 20 years. With Astrid Vargas (

10th Oct: The Milking the Clouds Project and Treeangle Foundation’s aim. With Pablo Friedlander (info:


aguila-condor-jaguar-serpienteShamanic Wisdom Seminar / Ethnobotanicals Research Talks

with Pablo Friedlander and guests
Thursdays 6 – 8 pm
Dates: 6, 13, 27 October.
£ 25 per encounter

Seminar Modules:
● WISDOM TODAY: Back to the Sources, Up to the Spheres.
● SHAMANIC WORK: Ancestral Path of Experiential Truth.
● ECSTATIC WISDOM: Archetypal Drama of the Initiate.
● COSMOVISIONS: From the Cosmic Hologram to the Ritual Ideogram.
● BIOSPHERIC MEMORY: Original Meanings of Nature.
● THE MYSTERIES OF THE SOUL: Nexus between Humans-Nature-Divinity
● CYCLIC PURIFICATIONS: Cathartic Keys to Health.
● TEACHER PLANTS: Magic Resources.
● METAMORPHOSIS: The Transformative Power.
● SHAMANIC ART: Enchanting Creation.
● SACRED WORDS: Mythic Channels of Revelation.
● REMEMBERING ESSENCE: The ever returning Wisdom.

Rental Spaces & Synergetic Residence

The Harpy is a delightful venue – a beautiful houseboat that was originally Her Majesty´s Customs & Excise pontoon; it has been floating on the river Thames since 1904-
Is available for

Dinner club – Book launch – Corporate events – Private meetings –  Creative teams – Co-working space –  Workshops – Short stays – etc.


Telephone: 0207 232 1100 (UK)


The Harpy, Mill Street, London, SE1 2BB

If you like, ask to join the FACEBOOK group

And… don’t worry, be Harpy


Author: candelaria dafloresta

Ab Program Manager, dancer, astróloga, researcher.

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